You'd Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out to Get You) is the first release from the publishing wing of MDDN and it differs from other musician's autobiographies in that Awsten Knight from Waterparks has decided to take his fans along for the ride with him on this one. Having the unique ability to speak to people on a real level is one of the things that sets Awsten apart from other frontmen-and in his debut book, Awsten has woven personal tales of life and love in with a barrage of real unanswered questions. Two editions of the book were released simultaneously: a standard edition and a limited edition. Both are hardcovers, and the standard edition is in glorious full color with a neon orange spine. The limited-edition is completely blacked out with the exception of the title on the spine and it is encased in a hand-screened static shield bag with a unique cover design. Both editions are for sale exclusively in the MDDN store with accompanying merchandise items.